Welcome to National Eng. Med. Hr. Sec. School

Head Mistress Messsage

(Head Mistress)

Innocence, joy, favor, vitality and unlimited creative urge devoid of all worry are the main characteristics of childhood which should be properly channelized. It has been our endeavor at National Eng. Med. Hr. Sec. School Dayalband to cater to an activity oriented curriculum in which every student is able to blossom into a complete and well balanced individual, both physically & mentally.
Our students are exposed to a variety of activities, play-way methods, stage presentations, competitions etc. This not only helps them gain confidence but also to acquire the quality of discipline, sense of belongings, responsibility, and oneness, giving each child full scope to develop existing talents. We intent to promote in every child a positive self-esteem encourage independence, develop skills of concentration and more importantly inculcate moral values through our daily interaction.
We are confident that our students will learn from the best and will contribute their best in the truest tradition of National English Medium Hr. Sec. School (NEMS).